Skills book for educators
This manual opens the series of useful teachers' aids. It's dedicated to the development of transferable skills which can easily be applied by students in any sphere of their professional, academic and personal life.
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100 pages
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What's STEAM?
S – Science;
T – Technology;
E – Engineering;
A – Art;
M – Maths.
    are global researches, that have been regularly carried out since 2000s. They show the majority of school graduates are unable to apply their knowledge and have overall lack of practical skills.
  • 57%
    of test takers failed to interpret the basic scientific data.
  • > 25%
    of students in some countries that participated in these researches weren't able to process unstructured text and numerical information whilst reading.
  • In 2001
    US National Science Foundation introduced the term STEM-education and highlighted the importance of the implementation of this approach for the sake of economical development.
  • 3,5 million
    of vacancies in STEAM sphere are to be filled up by 2025 in the United States alone. Moreover, 2 million of them (which stands for 57%) will remain unoccupied because of insufficient number of qualified applicants.
  • > 96 стран
    experience colossal shortage of specialists in the high-tech field. The implementation of STEAM education is one of the long-term solutions of that problem since it helps nurture intellectual elite.
XXI century, or transferable skills
STEAM helps develop skills essential for a XXI century specialist, including creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, adaptivity, verbal reasoning, emotional and aesthetic intelligence etc.
These are known as transferable skills which means that any student can transfer them to any sphere of her life thus demonstrating exceptional academic, career and personal achievements.
It's not only WHAT we teach and learn that is crucial, but mainly HOW we do it.
6 reasons
to choose a book «50+ activities for the development of STEAM-skills»
  • A unique product
    All activities described in this book take from 1 to 60 minutes to carry out. Moreover, they can be adapted and easily integrated in various curricula.
  • Relevant skills
    The first book of the series is dedicated to the most marketable skills of the XXI century including creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.
  • Meticulous design
    Every activity is provided with sidebar depicting age, level of difficulty and duration of preparation.
  • Colourful illustrations
    Books for adult professionals should be beautiful too!
    Funny illustrations will definitely attract children's attention and make the learning process even more gratifying.
  • Convenient instruments
    These series of books is a substantial aid for both young STEAM-enthusiasts and experienced professional educators. Choose the level of immersion in STEAM that meets your objectives!
  • A great gift!
    A book is by all means the best gift. This book will help develop priceless skills, become source of inspiration and save tonnes of time for lesson prep.
The fragment of the book is available below:

It has become obvious that in modern schools it's necessary to implement STEAM-education. It's not only about carrying out projects that have proven their importance, but also about submerging into scientific context from early childhood. Author gives simple yet effective ideas of activities for parents and teachers. Interesting, accessible material on STEAM-education presented in a deep and systemic way — that's what you're about to find in a new book written by Tania Medvedeva.

Maria Valganova, CEO and founder of private school network "Smart School"
The series of books based on STEAM currently includes three titles but has a potential of growing in a profound collection of handbooks for teachers, parents and students.
"50+ activities for the development of STEAM skills" has been self-published and successfully distributed in schools.
"20 + STEAM projects for secondary and high school students" and "30+ STEAM experiments for young learners" are still projects therefore it will be easy to adjust the content to aim at desired audience.
Meet the team
  • Tania Medvedeva
    Tania Medvedeva is a writer, a STEAM expert and a science populariser.

    Being a specialist in radioactive chemistry and nuclear medicine, Tania integrates her experience in applied science into her tailored STEAM courses for students of all ages.

    Her books are published in 7 languages (and counting!) in Zahorí books, Thames & Hudson, Mondadori, Rue du Monde, Samokat, Alpina etc.

    Tania's mission is to help children explore our world with all its complexity and beauty, investigate and preserve it.
  • Marina Baykova
    Marina Baykova is an illustrator from Ekaterinburg. She designs books for various publishing houses and private authors.

    A formal education in graphical design helps Marina get a multifocal perspective on each project.

    She's been working in the field of children's book illustration for more than 5 years creating projects for MIF, Alpina, Abrakazyabra, Phoenix, VoiceBook etc.

    Marina's illustrations are always full of humour, colour and joy.

  • Victoria Sayfutdinova
    Victoria Sayfutdinova is an editor and a proof-reader.
    She's got a diploma in applied publishing and has been working in this field ever since.

    Victoria used to be a leading editor in Symposium publishing house.

    Currently she works for Vita Nova and Foliant publishing houses. Victoria is also a partner in the Maria Golovey's Editing Buro.

    She specialises in fiction and non-fiction literature.

If you're interested in collaborating with our team and publishing this project, please contact us. We'll be happy to discuss the details with you.

Tania Medvedeva

A writer, a STEAM expert and a science populariser

Таня Медведева
50+ activities for the development of STEAM-skills