We are happy to present
a series of books
It's a series of stories about two sisters, Lyra and Aurelia, who are learning about the world through STEAM education.
STEAM helps turn a simple walk in the park or to the playground into a fun scientific expedition.
Learning has never been more exciting!

We'd like to present a series of books for kids 3+ based on STEAM education. The readers will be able to explore the world and get a new scientific perspective on what they are doing on everyday basis. The first title is "STEAM on the playground".

Two sisters, Lyra and Aurelia, are studying science whilst having a great time on playground with their mom and other kids.

Are they moving down the slide? Yes, but also studying friction.
Are they playing in the sandbox? Yes, but also learning about cohesion and adhesion (that's actually why sand is so sticky!).
Are they feeding ducks on the pond? Yes, but also investigating why objects float or drown.

Other titles of the series include:
"STEAM in the forest"
"STEAM in the kitchen"
"STEAM in the city"
"STEAM on the beach"
"STEAM in the amusement park"
"STEAM at the lake"

Author Tania Medvedeva

Illustrator Marina Baykova


Reader's age


A flap book
240x240 mm
24 pages


Tania Medvedeva is a STEAM expert and science populariser, and author of popular science books for kids. Being a specialist in radioactive chemistry and nuclear medicine, Tania integrates her experience in applied science into her tailored science courses for students of all ages. Her mission is to help children explore our world with all its complexity and beauty, investigate and preserve it. This series of book is based on everyday STEAM activities Tania carries out with her daughters and numerous students.

Marina Baykova is an illustrator from Ekaterinburg. She designs books for various publishing houses and private authors, creates captivating pictures for magazines as well as guidebooks for museums in her hometown. A formal education in graphical design helps Marina get a multifocal perspective on each project. She believes that llustrating books for children is always a challenge, source of knowledge and lots of unpredictable discoveries. Marina's illustrations are always full of humor, color and joy.

What's inside of "STEAM on the playground"?

Multiple situations each kid faces every day.
Why are the swings squeaking? What is a sound?
Can we still play in the rain?
What does bring water to the sky? An elevator?
Why doesn't Mr. Worm want to be touched?
Should I feed ducks with bread?
Do pinecones float or sink?
When will the snack time be?
What special can we see in a seesaw?

The book helps to notice unusual STEAM scenarios in everyday routine and to turn a seemingly insignificant experience on the playground into a fantastic scientific expedition.
Let's flip through the book together.
There are lots of flaps hiding scientific facts and explanations. They will surely make book even more entertaining and informative for young STEAM explorers.

That's a layout with flaps opened and closed. You can download it here.
Work in progress
Spread with ducks
Is it possible to avoid flaps? Yes, it is!
Here's how spread might look like if the information under the flap is redistributed.
The possible sizes are then 28.5x24 mm or 26x24 mm.
This project has an immense potential of becoming an international multimedia platform for young STEAM learners.
STEAM projects
Science fairs have proved to be extremely successful and also fun tool that can be used to attract young enthusiasts and future scientists, programmers, engineers and architects and help them collaborate with each other. These books might become the first step towards scientific outlook on everyday's routine.
Online STEAM lessons
As a STEAM populariser I create tons of educational videos for kids of all ages. We can post free educational content based on books. Such videos might engage kids with learning science and make them consider choosing STEAM as a major at the University or even their future career.
Educational songs for kids
Millions of kids all over the world learn about science, maths and all sort of information through songs that are both fun and educational. The texts and visuals from the books can be easily converted into such type of content which is a huge industry that can bring extra audience for the books. I've actually recorded a sample song to try this format out.
Cartoons and video games
This series of book can be adapted to become a foundation for a cartoon or educational video games. Since characters are easy to relate to, kids all over the world would like to study together with Lyra, Aurelia and their friends.
In future, character might grow together with the audience.


Why have you chosen these topics to discuss in the book?
The content of the book is based on pre-school curriculum which has been successfully implemented in Great Britain, USA, Canada, Finland, France and many other countries.
How STEAM approach is used in the book?
The young readers get to know how science, technology, engineering, art and maths are interconnected and, most importantly, that these are not just some weird "adult" words, but actually everything that is surrounding kids in daily routine.
Aren't explanations under the flaps too complicated for 3-year-olds?
It was my goal as an author and early childhood development and STEAM expert to include several levels of difficulty within the book. I intentionally added serious scientific terms and facts to get kids acquainted with more advanced concepts once they're ready to deal with them and also to give parents tools and pieces of information to continue the dialogue with their curious little ones.
If you're interested in discussing and publishing this project, please contact us.